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Life and You

Life is just life until you find whats life
You are just you until you find who are you
You think your in pain and misery
One day you will face the real pain in you
If you think the truth is wat you know
Then you can’t find out the truth
In this world of ignorance
You are ignoring the clues
If you can’t understand my words
You will deff to the silence
That want to be understood
Life is just life until u find whats life
You are just you until u find Who You Are


Wierd Jobs

Load of stuffI took this picture when i was driving with my friend jibbe, on the flyover near regent plaza. We were having fun but suddenly we see this cargo passing by us and we were amazed to see this guy half in half out enjoying the view and doing his duty without keeping the danger in mind. We thought that the guy is fool but really for a while we couldn’t figure out what he was up to and were laughing for minutes.